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- Membership and events/activitiy payments are non-refundable.
- Services and product pricing is subject to change at any time.
- Memberships are not specific to a specified location/centre, sport, or calendar/service delivering.

- Memberships are by application and first approved by Unbound Sports before being activated. Events/activity registrations are initially accepted, but may be declined.
- We will strive to keep our equipment and centres in the best possible condition at all times.
- We can without warning close or reduce opening hours in relation to events, holidays, public holidays, renovation and more.
- We are not responsible for any loss or damage to people or objects which arise during or as part of staying at our centres, including loss or damage to personal effects.
- We establish rules that apply at the centres. The member is obliged to follow the instructions given by the employee at the centre.
- Only our specified staff are allowed to instruct/coach/run organised sessions to customers of Unbound Sports, and at our locations.

- You are obligated to provide a new address in case of relocation, name changes, account number, cell phone number and email address where it is needed. Date of birth, school, and nationality are also a requirement when using our booking, ranking, or other systems.
- You are responsible making sure you are medically healthy enough to use our services.
- You are responsible for making sure the correct credit card / bank information is provided - can not transfer your personal membership to someone else without the explicit consent from Unbound Sports.
- You are obligated to register your visit by show of ID if requested.

The membership has a 12 month commitment period unless otherwise is stated. As the commitment period comes to an end the agreement will auto-renew until the member cancels the agreement. 

- Commitment period: The commitment period runs from the day the member signs the agreement.

Terms of the agreement
Unbound Sports reserves the right to adjust the price of memberships and activities to the existing price list. Membership and activity fees are issued regardless of how much the membership is used.

About Stripe
Stripe is a financial transaction that the members’ credit- or debit card provider executes on behalf of the member. The members are responsible for ensuring that the card details are updated and valid at any time. In case the card details are outdated and payments are missing, Unbound Sports will use a debt collector to recover the missing payments.

Cancellation of the membership
For members paying using Stripe payment with a debit/credit card they will need to cancel at the latest 14 days before the upcoming invoice to be able to stop the payment. A cancellation must be completed through the membership system, an oral cancellation is not accepted.

- The member agrees that Unbound Sports and other connected firms obtains, stores and uses information about the member (name, e-mail, payment details etc.) and the members use of our services, in order to administer and maintain the membership.
- The member agrees that Unbound Sports stores history of visits with the goal of providing the member with better offers based on this information.
- Unbound Sports will not share the information with an external third party without the explicit consent, unless it is required by law or in relation to debt collection, insurance claims or accounting, or is one of our partner owned companies.
- Upon entering into the membership agreement, Unbound Sports obtains consent from the member that Unbound Sports may use any form of communication with the member, to inform about and / or market its offers. The member may at any time withdraw his consent to receive marketing inquiries by contacting Unbound Sports.
– Unbound Sports can store personal information as long as it is relevant or until the member requests it to be deleted.
– Unbound Sports may use the member's data for inputing into other software for related purposes.

- Unbound Sports’ reserves the right to cancel a membership.

Unbound Sports reserves the right to cancel a membership if the member violates internal guidelines or contract, for example:
- Theft from the centre or other members.
- Missing payments.
- If the member because of health reasons can be negatively effected by the our services.
- Intentionally acts against Unbound Sports' interests or purpose.
- Acts threatening against staffs or others at the centre
- Does not comply with instructions from staff.

Unbound Sports reserves the right to immediately cancel an agreement and / or ban the member, in the event of any breach of the points listed above and at their sole discretion.

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