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We often get asked for recommendations on pickleball paddles, squash rackets, and other equipment, so we’ve compiled this page for your convenience!

All of our equipment comes from NZ's leading racket sports retailer - VOLT Sports. They have the greatest range of products, trusted to enhance your game. If you have any questions about equipment, the VOLT Sports team has the answers!


Coach Recommendations

Our ​pickleball coaches are currently enjoying using the HEAD pickleball paddle range. They are a reliable paddle with a good range of price points.

Our squash coaches are using the VICTOR squash racket range which has beautifully balanced rackets with smooth feel.


For beginners​, and depending on your price point, the main considerations are the quality of the material/construction, and the paddles thickness. Generally the higher the price, the higher the quality. A thinner paddle will provide you with great power, while a thicker paddle will provide some extra control and touch.

For beginners we recommend going for a squash racket with an even or head heavy balance. If it is too light in the head is can be difficult to control for beginners. Some extra weight in the head will provide more effortless power behind the ball. Aluminum rackets are a good starters racket if your just having a casual hit, but stepping up to a full graphite frame will take the performance to the next level.

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