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Take your game to the next level with our individualised coaching programmes!

There is no single style or instruction manual for coaching which can be repeated for every player. Every player is an individual with their own style, strengths, weaknesses, and ways of communicating and learning. We work closely with our players to understand them as individuals and how they work. We can then adapt and provide them coaching in a way which best fits them and an individualised method towards achieving their goals and success. We listen, motivate, and push our players to be ambitious and enjoy every time they step on the court.

Our coaches share the ambitions with the players and have a shared sense of responsibility for achieving success. We share belief for our player's ambitions, and accountability for results with our players, which creates inspiration and motivation, and helps to drive success beyond what is usually possible.


If you're motivated to see the highest levels of results and success in your sport and life please complete the below form to apply to start an Individual Coaching Programme with Unboud Sports.


Our coaching team our coaching team includes technical, tactical, strength and conditioning, and mindset experts, NZ coach of the year winners, high school champions, and former professional athletes.

We'll link you up with the best coaches for your sport, ambitions, and personal attributes.

Apply for Individual Coaching

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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