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At Unbound Sports we follow the modern version of scoring for pickleball, which aligns with our other racket sports and makes the game more focused on fun and playing, rather than worrying about remembering the score!



  • The ball must be kept within the outlines.

  • If it hits the line it is still considered in.

  • The ball must go over the net to be a complete shot.

  • If the ball hits the net on the way over play continues.

  • Either player can hit the ball, but generally players take one side of the court each.

  • If you are standing in from of the kitchen line you cannot volley/hit the ball on the full.

  • You cannot volley then have your momentum step into the kitchen.


  • The serve must be underarm, contacted below your waist.

  • You can either hit the serve on the full, or after a bounce.

  • The serve must go into the opposite side of the half-court line to which you are serving from, and behind the kitchen line.

  • The return of serve must bounce before it is hit back.

  • The serving pair's next shot after the serve must bounce before it is hit back.

  • Whichever team wins the point, serves for the next rally.

  • If it is your first consecutive serve, you serve from whichever side you are already on.

  • If you win a rally you served on, the same person keeps serving, alternating sides with your partner if you continue to win.

  • If you lose a point it is then the other pair's serve. Next time you win a point it is now your partners turn to serve.

  • If we are playing a game with two halves, such as Time Attack, then to simplify the serving, one person from each pairs serves the entire first half, then the partners serve the entire second half


  • You are awarded a point for every rally you win. Even if you weren't the server.

  • Scoring will either go up to a set number, or go up to an indefinate number, but based on who has the most points after a time limit.

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