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Experience Sports Like Never Before

Breaking Away from Traditional Models

About Unbound Sports

Unbound Sports is a sports organisation like no other. We break away from traditional club, coaching, and competition models and provide unique and exciting sports experiences, not bound by usual restrictions. This allows us to provide the highest value services for every individual. We focus on families, fun, and health. Our goal is to provide services which give true value and organised activity, with memberships offering the freedom of multiple locations, sports, and services, under one membership. Come and experience sports like never before at Unbound Sports.

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Unbound offers a range of services to play! Squash, pickleball, fitness, and multisport activities. Beginners are welcomed through our introduction programmes, with follow up options to join in programmes, open play, and coaching. 


Join an Unbound competition and experience sport's leagues and tournaments as they should be! We offer competitions for both social and competitive players, in fun formatted leagues and tournaments. Local competition providing high value matchplay, with no time or money wasted on travelling or unorganised competitions.


We are partnered with leading racket sports store VOLT Sports to ensure that all of our players get the gear best suited for their games to help them maximise their performance on the court. The VOLT Sports team are the experts in everything equipment and are happy to assist you in getting kitted out with everything you need.



Join our family and access to the full Unbound experience!

Gain access to all of our sports, at all of our locations. Join our programmes, activities, leagues, competitions, and individual coaching.

See how you stack up with your personal rating and rankings, and leaderboard challenges. Get kitted out with our Unbound apparel and equipment, plus access our state-of-the-art technology and machines.

Achieve real, measurable goals personal to you through our training app paired with the best training programmes on offer.

Read more and become a member today!


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The YMCA North Shore located right off the northern motorway at 5 Akoranga Drive boasts three squash courts, ten pickleball courts, and full gym, plus other amenities.

YMCA Massey

The YMCA Massey located next to the Westgate Shopping Centre at 545 Don Buck Road boasts six pickleball courts, an outdoor astroturf, full gym, cafe, plus other amenities.


At the North Harbour Table Tennis Centre, located right behind the YMCA North Shore we have two pickleball courts utilised for small group and private coaching.

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Albany Junior High School Gym.jpeg
Murrays Bay Intermediate Pickleball.jpeg


Kristin School located on Albany Highway boasts 12 pickleball courts in the 'Tūrama' facility.


AJHS has one of the North Shore's leading modern sports gymnasiums. We run our intermediate inter-school pickleball competition at the school.


At Murrays Bay we run weekly training sessions for students competing in the inter-school pickleball competition.

Northcross Intermediate Pickleball.jpeg

Northcross Intermediate

At Northcross we run weekly training sessions for students competing in the inter-school pickleball competition.

Unbound Sports has been a game-changer for me. The unique sports experiences have been both challenging and fun, and I have seen a significant improvement in my overall fitness and wellbeing.

Sarah Johnson

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