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As players continue to join our competitions and matchplay sessions it is important for them to understand what their skill level currently is, and what it will take to get to the next level. That is why we entered into an official partnership with Rankedin - one of the world's leading multi-sport ranking and competition systems.

While watching your ranking progress allows you to track your level, it is alos crucial in helping us to seed players into the correct divisions and competitions so everyone gets an enjoyable experience playing opponents of similar levels.


Each match you play will be registered towards your rating. Your rating is a measure of your current skill level and firm. It will go up or down dependant on the match scores, who your opponent(s) was, and if you're playing doubles, who your partner was. Every point and every game counts towards your rating - not just wins and losses like traditional ranking systems.


When your starting out your rating will fluctuate a lot as you play matches until it works out where you're at. After about 10 matches it will be more consistent and an accurate reading of your current skill level.


You can gain ranking points from our tournaments and competitive leagues. Your ranking is based on your top number of finishings across all of the tournaments of competitive leagues within the past year.

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